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4.0 Mediocre
Pros:Staff was unfriendly took a long time to get on the road for one I had to call my insurance company to get a declaration page that was never listed in the rental or on web page,had to pay another ten dollars a day because my liability was not satisfactory to there standard pulse could not use my ez-pass another ten dollars as a matter of fact I don’t recall using any toll roads to my destination. When I went to return the car they found a nick in windshield that you could see on there own video, they still told us that it wasn’t there at pick up just totally terrible business practices looking to up charge every step of the way will never use them again
4.0 Mediocre
Pros:Not a lot.
Cons:Pushed SunPass and other products without explaining that there we opportunities to pay tolls in person. Service representative on pick-up was more interested in checking personal email and text than customer service and was irritated with questions. The car was clean but the perfume/air freshener was SO HEAVY it left us with a headache and clung to our clothes. There were no clearly labeled areas for drop-off/return, leaving it up to the customer to decide where to park. Overall, I’ll use an Uber or other rental agency in the future rather than NextCar
2.0 Bad
Pros:You need to take this company off your web site, worst scam I have ever seen. Been renting cars for years and never been treated so poorly. Made me call my insurance for a binder which I have never had to, wanted to make me pre-pay for tolls and threatened a huge fine if not, car was quoted at 199 but wanted 273, worst was hardly spoke english and was a real jerk. Can't believe they are in business. saw other similar comments. did not rent from them. Very bad service, dirty office, rude people and can't speak english. You need to eliminate this company from your site. paid a bit more for way better service elsewhere. I most likely will not go to kayak again from this experience.
Cons:see above comments
3.2 Poor
Cons:2 hours after my reservation I was able to drive off the lot (due to understaffing and lack of preparedness). The tire pressure light was on and they took longer to get the light to turn off. It ended up being a slow leak in the tire that went flat while I was two hours away. Roadside assistance came, and instead or patching/replacing the tire, they installed the temporary tire (donut). The drive back became three hours through the mountains because I had to be very careful with the little tire. It was not safe on roads with many potholes. They knew where I was when I had the flat, and they still chose to install a temporary. I will not be renting with this company again. I told the manager upon return that this was unacceptable, and I was given a $50 discount off an already inflated price with all of the added fees. (The price you booked for will not end up being what you pay).
2.0 Bad
Pros:Nothing to like from a company that fleeces you of your money! They charged us $93 for gas when we returned the rental car. It was returned with more gas than what was in the tank when we drove it off their lot. They switched vehicles because the first one issued to us had a smoke smell. The;y issued us a second one, Rav4, that didnt have a full tank. They said just return it with the same amount, 3/4 tank. It had more than 3/4 tank when we returned it to them. We called them 13 times after seeing our invoice with the extra $93 gas charge. No one returned our calls after promising a call back. There was always an excuse that a manager wasn't in, on another line, gone for the day, etc. One woman that said she would look into it, promised to call back and she did not nor could she be reached numerous times. We were also coerced into buying their auto insurance after we proved we had valid coverage. We've rented cars many times in Orlando/Tampa area and never have any of them rejected our valid rental car coverage. Next Car did insisit on unncessarily charging us $200 their car insurance. its a scam! Please read the other bad reviews from many more dissatisfied bilked customers on Yelp, Trip Advisor, etc. Please do not advertise for these rip offs!!!
Cons:They are a den of theives!!! There are so many bad reviews from other ripped off customers on Yelp, etc. It's horrific what they've gotten away with and no one is investigating them. People are flying in for an enjoyable vacation and these charlatons are ripping tourists off. They take advantage of people having to catch flights and are vulnerable to their demands and false added charges. The CC company says its hard to disput charges with rental car comapnies because you sign their agreements. But no one is expecting to be ripped off with falsely added fees and unwarrented charges. The first SUV issued us smelled of smoke, so they gave us a Rav4 that had 3/4 tank of gas in it. They said to return it back to them with the same amount of gas, 3/4 tank. We returned it with more than 3/4 tank and was charged $93. Really!!! They also fleeced us for an unnecessary $200 car insurance fee because they wouldn't accept our car rental insurance even after proving that we had valid car rental insurance backed up by an email that came to them while we waited in their office for it to arrive. What's more shocking is how many others have had similar experiences with Next Car and have voiced it in reviews and no one is paying atttention and even worse advertising for them and allowing them to conduct business. Read the reviews about the tire pressure lights coming on thier rental vehicles. We had that happen also, but others didn't turn out well. We put air in our rental tires, but another customer had to buy a tire, another missed an appointment, Crazy!!! Read the many complaints and see the numerous false added fees/charges on Yelp, Trip Advisor, etc. Please do not advertise for these charlatans!!!
4.4 Mediocre
Cons:We purchased our car rental and the insurance plan we were offered through Kayak when we arrived for our car not only was our reservation canceled bc we didn't arrive exactly at our arrival time bc our flight time was pushed back but we were informed that we needed different insurance in addition to watch we already had paid for. We had to pay for a reinstatement of our plan, then we were told they didnt have the same size car that we rented so we would have to pay more for a smaller SVU on top of it. We ended up being charged 2x as much as our original reservation. On top of all that we were lied to about needing to pay for the toll easy pass. I flat out asked the guy at the desk how many toll roads we would drive on while we were there and he said 3. Not once did we encounter a toll road! All in all it was a terrible experience and I will never rent from them again. Every customer that was in and out of there was extremely dissatisfied and disgruntled. We were not the only ones. I honestly felt bad for the employees behind the counter bc we watched them all being yelled at by disgruntled customers.
2.0 Bad
Cons:The shuttle took more than half an hour to pick us up. We had to call the company for it to come. The guy over the phone mentioned that we needed to call for requesting the shuttle (there is not mention of that in the reserve or website) The clerk at the counter said that it was not necessary to call. I was forced to buy a liability insurance even though the website suggested it was optional. The clerk mentioned that there was no other way to rent the car. I did not make the effort to look for other option, the Nextcar location in Orlando is far away the airport and it was already late in the night. The car seems to be rebuilt, the spots in the seats were horrible. The radio volume did not work properly. I was looking for an economic rental and ended up paying almost like renting with the major brands.
4.4 Mediocre
Cons:Our original quoted price was $200 but when we went to pick up the vehicle, we were told we had to have complete collision coverage or they wouldn't let us take the vehicle off the lot. That ended up being an extra $27.00/day increasing the cost to $270. Then we were quoted as having to return the car at 3 pm but were told that because that location had decided to close on the day of our return, we would need to take it to a separate location and return it by 1. I spoke with the manager who was complete rude and unprofessional however she said we could return the vehicle by 3 pm as quoted however went at length to lecture me that if I was one minute late returning the vehicle she could check the security cameras with the time stamp I wrote on the return slip and if I tried to lie about it they'd charge me for a four day rental fee. Mind you, all I asked was that I return the car at the time I was quoted at and she treated me like I was a criminal. When I got the vehicle there was less than half a tank in it and the car was filthy.
2.0 Bad
Pros:The price they advertised is just to get people. My 6 days rental reservation cost was suppose to be less than $200 with taxes, insurance and the actual rental cost. However when I got there the cost went up by $300+. First they claim I can’t use my own sunpass, (I have to rent theirs for $14 a day) ridiculous!. Their insurance cost went from $11 a day to $40, I couldn’t understand why because I’m a safe driver. I did ask if I can use my own insurance, which they refused, claiming I didn’t have enough coverage, but I did have enough to their requirements. The short of this long story is, it will cost you way more than what you’re suppose to pay when you get there! The prices isn’t real, they will find ways to add to your actual cost. I wasn’t the only customer they tried that bs with, 2 other people literally curse the reps out because of their company shady additional prices. If you’re wondering if any of us who was there eventually got a rental afterall, the answer is NO. We all took the shuttle and went to another company. The staff seem cool though, I guess they’re accustom to people surprised reactions.
2.0 Bad
Cons:They changed my location of where I was supposed to pick up the car when I booked it on your site for BWI with out my understanding and the place closed before I landed and refused to move it back to the BWI airport with out additional fees so I never got the car I find this totally unprofessional to surch for BWI options and then have it changed with out clear communication this has to do with your site since I did the booking on Kayak I would like someone to get back with me at once 248-797-6469

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